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Our last meeting of 2019

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A photo of Cars and Coffee Cheshire earlier this year at Chester County Officers Cricket Club

All the petrolheads of Chester are invited along to a social event where the hot topic discussed is all things cars.

The final Cars & Coffee Cheshire meeting of 2019 takes place this Sunday (October 20) and gives car enthusiasts the opportunity to show off their vehicles, have a chat and enjoy a hot drink.

What started off as an idea over coffee one morning by Cestrians Lisa Binfield and Dave Brown, after they noticed similar events elsewhere in the UK and USA, has now become a real meeting specifically for Chester residents.

There have been a few venue changes over the last few years with regular events going a bit quiet, but now Dee 106.3 traffic presenter and car enthusiast Nick Arkell wants to give Cars & Coffee a kickstart.

"I've been attending the events for a few years and after Dave (who still comes along sometimes) became very busy I offered to take over.

"Two things happen when we meet. Owners have a chance to show off their car, whether it is a 90s Ford coupe, a big old pick-up truck, a brand new German hot hatch or the now famous Nissan Micra.

"In between all the staring at bodywork, engines and interiors, we talk. It's usually about cars. We have the odd bike turning up too and they are more than welcome as is anything else with wheels."

Previous events this year were held at Cheshire County Sports Club, but after a mammoth turnout where the car park was overflowing, Nick decided to move the event across the road to the cricket club on Mannings Lane for the next meet.

"It has been held there every month since and during the peak summer months, we filled that site too," he said.

"When we meet, I never know who is going to turn up or how busy it is going to be. I stand there first thing every month thinking "was it worth getting out of bed at 6.30am on a Sunday?".

"I have never driven away at 10.30am thinking it was a waste of time. I am not a morning person at all but as a few of us say, there are two things we will get up for - catching an early flight or car events!

"The beauty of meeting so early is people then have the rest of the day to meet at other venues and attend other local events who meet later on. The sports club serve decent coffee and also offer the chance to buy breakfast so drivers can just fall out of bed, get in their car and enjoy a relaxed morning with everything they need in between chat about the cars."

Nick added: "We don't judge. Many owners treat their cars like their children (I for one) and to them, those vehicles are their pride and joy.

"It could be something that they have either saved a lot of money to buy or invested a lot of time working on. For that reason, we welcome everybody regardless of what they drive. The result is an array of vehicles that range from the early 20th Century through to the present day."

The final Cars & Coffee event of 2019 takes place on Sunday from 7.30am-10.30am at the Chester County Officers Cricket Club. More details can be found at .

Cars & Coffee will return in 2020.