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COVID-19 coronavirus

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Regarding COVID-19:

For anybody wondering about our plans to meet on Sunday 12th April, we are closely monitoring government advice and working alongside The Cheshire County Sports Club who remain open.

If we decide to introduce any restrictions or cancel it entirely, an announcement will be made across all social media channels but as it is a casual meet-up of car enthusiasts, we have the luxury of making a decision closer to the time. For that reason, please keep an eye on our website, Facebook page or Twitter feed for updates.

While physical health is the reason for being cautious at this time, we must also remember that mental health is important too. If Cars & Coffee Cheshire can take place safely without the risk of spreading the coronavirus, we want it to continue for the sake of those who wish to have a few hours away from this stark reality.

Stay healthy and watch out for the vulnerable people in your community. Please leave some food and other supplies on the supermarket shelves for everybody else as well. We're all in this together!

Cheers, Nick.