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April cancelled and changes to future events

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I’m sorry to say that we have no choice but to cancel April 15th event.

There will be a full statement on site over next few days but in brief this should be a fun, friendly get together and I feel so bad about the 100s of loyal, great supporters but the minority of idiots have ruined it.

Since 11th March, we've had conversations with land owners / Police and even had to take legal advice about liability and risk. That has left no choice but to change the way the events in the future will be run. This will take time and money so please stick with us.

This decision wasn't an easy one and wasn't pushed on us by a third party. However, there really isn't an alternative in the short term to find a way that the selfish, arrogant idiots can be kept away from the people that want to be a part of this wonderful thing.

- Dave