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The history of Cars & Coffee

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Cars & Coffee - what is it all about then?

Cars & Coffee originally started as a small, weekly and early-morning meet at Crystal Cove on the coast of Southern California but has turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

While the original event is now officially defunct, countless cities across America and Europe have jumped in to fill its place. There are people out there who have tried to turn the whole thing into a commercial enterprise but most of us who run these events are doing it to keep the car community meeting on a regular basis and all those interesting vehicles on the road!

The idea of bringing it to Cheshire was discussed over coffee one morning by a couple of Cestrians who had a chance meeting years after being school friends. One had noticed Cars & Coffee events elsewhere in the UK and USA so they decided to try it out in Chester back in September 2015.

The first Cars & Coffee Cheshire event was treated as a 'one off' but turned out to be a success. All energy went into making the 2016 events regular occurrences which they felt would work better in summer. The venue has moved around a bit since then but the original idea to bring car enthusiasts together from Chester and the surrounded area has been kept alive.

The current team who run Cars & Coffee Cheshire have been around from the early days, coming along every month originally but eventually becoming more involved in the running and organisation of meeting every month.

What makes Cars & Coffee (C&C for short) events so appealing to everyone?

  • Cars & Coffee events are not a car club where you have to be a member to attend.
  • You do not have to drive a particular type of vehicle.
  • It is open to the public.
  • It is free.

When arriving you will see all sorts of people in the early hours, some of which are morning-people and others who have dragged their rear-ends out of bed for the love of cars.

Amongst the hardcore motoring enthusiasts, we see everyone from cyclists on their way to a Sunday morning ride to those poor souls en route to buy wallpaper at the retail park turning up. You are all welcome to swing by for a coffee, a fresh breakfast roll and some good quality conversation. As the site fills, you will see how this really is a "come one, come all" kind of event. Attendees are likely to see classic rally cars sitting next to supercars and maybe the odd Micra in between.

If you are looking at your car thinking "nobody will want to see that", please just turn up. Some of the vehicles that have previously received the most attention have been those with bad paintwork and a value under £1000.

If the cars are not enough to get you out of bed on a Sunday morning, maybe the bacon will help!