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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have answered a lot of the most frequently asked questions below but please feel free to get in touch if needed.

Why tickets?

We have thought long and hard about how to make Cars and Coffee Cheshire Community events enjoyable for all, but also a to ensure a safe and secure space as we are still in very uncertain times and as a responsible team it’s something we strongly believe in..

Sadly we know in the past many events have attracted an element of undesirable/anti social behaviour ( as highlighted locally in Chester as recently as November 21 and January 22 and serious accidents in North Wales and Manchester meets in 2021) and although we have been lucky in recent years there is still that underlying fear that one or two could ruin the enjoyment and safety of all of us especially as theses most recent issues have put car gatherings into the focus of the media, local authorities and law enforcement.

Any anti social behaviour including but not limited to excessive noise or speeding will result in being removed from the event and if necessary images/video shared publicly and with relevant authorities.

Combine this all the changes in our society means that a restriction on numbers is a vital thing for the time being so please stick together on this as a community we will get stronger than ever.


We've had a few people getting in touch asking about others copying our identity.

As any successful company, event or organisation, we have had a few instances of people pretending to pass off as us. It’s actually quite flattering to be honest but please be careful about who they are. You will only see updates from us on our official pages:

COVID-19 coronavirus

On the CV-19 topic, while there are no formal restrictions in place let us outline our thoughts :

We will be running COVID compliant events based on the relevant guidelines in place at that time.

Social distancing is recommended wherever possible and masks are at the discretion of the wearer but no discrimination towards wearing/not wearing will be tolerated from either perspective, hand sanitiser will be available if you require we are looking to have a QR code check in if that’s something you would like to use for piece of mind.

Naturally the indoor areas of Chester Lakes will be under their CV-19 and general Health & Safety protocols.

What sort of cars are welcome?

Absolutely anything is welcome. There are no limitations or entry criteria so just come along! Two-wheeled vehicles are also encouraged to turn up as we like anything with an engine (or batteries).

Driving Standards & behaviour

Please be considerate with other attendees, the event organisers and hosts on site. We also request that you respect local residents and motorists while travelling to and from the event.​

Can I just come and watch?

Yes, please do but you do not have to 'display' your vehicle if that is the case. You are welcome to park in the car park nearby, leaving space for those showing their vehicles.

Are car clubs welcome?

Yes of course but please speak to us first if you all want to park together.

Is there a cost to attend?

No. We do not charge a penny to attend our events. The food and drink available is all reasonably-priced too.

Can I promote my business at the event?

Please speak to us regarding this via our contact form.

What facilities are on site?

As well a hot food & drinks, there are public toilets. Seating is also available if your legs get tired walking around!

Can I bring my dog?

It depends on the venue. For Chester Lakes, the rules vary depending on whether you are a day visitor or staying. They have confirmed that you can bring your dog if kept on a lead at all times. If staying though, dogs are only welcome in a caravan or motorhome, not tents.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can because we need to keep younger generations interested in cars. As with any active car event though, there are vehicles moving around so it's just a matter of keeping any children near to you at all times. Please also ensure that they are respectful towards owners eg. not leaving finger prints on their pride and joy. It's all common sense really!

How do you tackle antisocial behaviour?

Sadly we know in the past we have attracted an element of undesirable/anti social behaviour. In recent years, we have been lucky to have few few people who have behaved inappropriately. However, there is still that underlying fear that one or two could ruin the enjoyment & safety of 100’s. Please stick together on this, let us know of anybody misbehaving & as a community we will get stronger than ever. Any dangerous or antisocial behaviour will result in an instant ban from Cars & Coffee Cheshire at least for the foreseeable future, if not forever so we thank you in advance for showing your fellow attendees the respect they deserve.