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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have answered a lot of the most frequently asked questions below but please feel free to get in touch if needed.

What sort of cars are welcome?

Absolutely anything is welcome. There are no limitations or entry criteria so just come along! Two-wheeled vehicles are also encouraged to turn up as we like anything with an engine (or batteries).

Driving Standards & behaviour

Please be considerate with other attendees, the event organisers and hosts on site. We also request that you respect local residents and motorists while travelling to and from the event.​

Can I just come and watch?

Yes, please do.

Are car clubs welcome?

Yes of course but please speak to us first if you all want to park together.

Is there a cost to attend?

No. We do not charge a penny to attend our events. The food and drink available is all reasonably-priced too.

Can I promote my business at the event?

Please speak to us regarding this via our contact form.

What facilities are on site?

As well a hot food & drinks, there are public toilets. Seating is also available if your legs get tired walking around!

Can I bring my dog?

It depends where we're meeting but Cheshire County Cricket Club do not allow dogs on-site. They don't police this and we are not sure of the reason but we obviously cannot encourage you to break the rules. If you speak to the venue directly, they may able to provide a reason.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can because we need to keep younger generations interested in cars. As with any active car park though, there are vehicles moving around so it's just a matter of keeping any children near to you at all times. Please also ensure that they are respectful towards owners eg. not leaving finger prints on their pride and joy. It's all common sense really!