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Cars & Coffee Cheshire - April 2020 - CANCELLED

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Sunday, 12 April, 2020 - 07:30 to 10:30

This has now been cancelled because of the ongoing health concerns. We look forward to seeing you again when it is safe for public gatherings to take place again.

It'll be off Mannings Lane again on the same site as the cricket club. Please read the guidelines / rules below so we don't get complaints and ultimately lose our venue. Thank you.

Direct your sat nav to CH2 2PB, CH2 4EU, Chester Hockey Club or Cheshire County Officers Cricket Club on Mannings Lane. If you see a cricket ground as you drive in, you're in the right place! Turn off the A41 and you will see the sign for Cheshire County Sports Club on your left as you go down Mannings Lane. PLEASE drive sensibly as there are people living nearby and we do not want complaints.

Entry is free with the option to buy food and drink. There is no obligation to buy anything but please support the venue if you can afford to by purchasing a coffee, a bacon roll or whatever takes your fancy.

The Cheshire County Sports Club are a non-profit making company based close to the M53, the A41, the A51 and the A56 so getting there is easy. We have chosen this venue to host Cars & Coffee Cheshire because of the access, the facilities, drinks, food and most importantly, a big car park to showcase your vehicles!


We are not control-freaks or kill-joys. However, please note that this venue is in a residential area so we need to respect that. We request that you adhere to a few basic guidelines below that are easy to follow for the majority of people. We will be monitoring the event with venue staff on the day and if Cheshire Police are passing by, they will be welcomed in with open arms! At any car event, it is a minority of prats who can potentially spoil it for the rest of us. If you are one of them, please do not bother coming. Let's just turn up, look at cars and have a discussion over breakfast and a few coffees. Just so you know, we may be filming and taking photos but it's the cars we're interested in so don't feel that you have to wear your best frock.

We enjoy the sound of a V8 as much as anybody else but have written a few guidelines:

  • Do beware it is first come, first served although we have a fair few spaces.
  • Do keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds on the day as we will report any issues eg. full car park.
  • Do watch out for potholes in the car park (not many but they are there).
  • Do drive in and out slowly for the safety of pedestrians.
  • Do respect customers coming in and out for the club's facilities.
  • Do park considerably in case it's a busy one.
  • Do not speed, wheelspin or anything else of a similar nature on the way in / out or on-site.
  • Do not rev loudly as you arrive (7.30am on a Sunday morning).
  • Do not compete in "who's engine is loudest" competitions first-thing while locals are asleep.
  • Do not drive like an idiot on the roads to or from Cars & Coffee Cheshire. It just makes you look like a c**k and nobody is impressed.

Cars & Coffee Cheshire, like Cheshire County Sports Club is a not-for-profit so we are not in this to make money. For that reason, we request that if you wish to promote your products or services at our event, please get in touch first to discuss. Thank you.