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Cars and Coffee Cheshire Breakfast Club - March 2022

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Sunday, 13 March, 2022 - 09:00 to 12:00

Cars & Coffee Cheshire for 2022 will be at the same place and same time as last year - Chester Lakes at 9am, on one Sunday a month.

Get the cover off that motor, don't feel you have to wash it (we're not judging), come along and enjoy having stroll around other vehicles, or maybe just a chat. As always, please be considerate with other attendees, the event organisers and hosts on site. Remember that children and pets may be about so bear that in mind as you drive in and out. We also request that you respect local residents and motorists while travelling to and from the event. Thank you!​

We are also asking everybody to register (which is free and fast) because it helps us to maintain our safe and friendly environment.

We appreciate you may have questions. The majority of those will be answered on our frequently asked questions page.

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